Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Edge Returns

To everyone that called it on the Wrestlecrap boards.....Congratulations.

Our Favorite Rated R Superstar has returned and in epic fashion, won the Royal Rumble.

And here are my thoughts on the product in general, The Rumble, and the future of the product.

- Sheamus is bringing the belt to WM, then losing it to Edge.

- Assuming I'm wrong, Don't put the Belt on DiBiase.

- The ECW title needs to come off of Christian, and he needs to move to SD!

- I honestly don't give a shit about Bret Hart. He can't wrestle anymore and WWE can't afford for someone to accidently bump him the wrong way

- Unless I'm missing something, they could concievably turn Orton tweener and let him just be an agressive douche to everyone.

- With Punk and Gallows appearing on Raw this past week as well as next week, the tensions in DX, and Big Show being tied up in the WWE title picture, I see the SES winning the tag titles if only to appear on all shows.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bad For Business

I personally believe that the following concepts/ideas/people are bad for wrestling business. Some I believe to be self-explanatory.

-The 7 year Rule
-Johnny Ace
-Not Acknowleging the competition
-Kurt Angle (The man's an accident/lawsuit waiting to happen)
-The IWC blaming HHH for the way he's booked
-Stupid Marks (I had a conversation with someone that firmly believed that Mr. Kennedy killed Eddie Guererro)
-Ultimate Warrior
-Owner/Booker Champions
-Killing the Tag division
-Smarks that forgot how to have fun
-Rajah and NEWZ in general
-Pretaping shows
-Filler matches
-Rushed Feuds (WM had ONE blow-off match and it was the best match on the card, I personally believe it was the lack of closure or finality in a WrestleMania that accounted for that "Just another PPV" feel. Instead WWE probably lost buys on Backlash and arguably put on a better show for $10-$15 less per buy)
-Odd cross-promotion to get a wider audience (The View? A widely discredited Autism Charity? WWE needs to realize that some people will never be fans and definately do thier research before jumping whole hog)
-The horrible mismanagement of new talent. (They promote or show vignettes about someone for weeks and then never book them or FE them outright)
-Divas, or rather ex-models that cannot wrestle, and are outright interchangeable.
-A distinct lack of Managers
-MitB (Or rather the way that post-MitB is booked. I understand that its basically so they can have a back-up champion in case of emergencies, but its well.....predictable now.)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life is meh....

Hello all....

The Doctor is in, and it is not good. This is one of my catagory 4 blogs today, its been that kind of week this week. One that has altogether ruined my Enjoyment of many things. Thanks to my own ineptitude and poor habits in taking care of myself, i may need another kidney transplant within the next 1-3 years, with three years being a VERY liberal estimate of time left. Add tothat I'm finally back on all my meds for the first time in probably 18 months or so. I've been sublimely stupid in the care and keeping of me and now I'm reaping that oh so bitter fruit. To be honest foks I'm scared. I'm most afraid of not being eligible for the transplant list, and also having to go back for psychiatric evaluation before serious consideration. I'm a good enough actor to pass for normal from day to day with the average folk, but those in the mental health field can see through me.....I don't like that.

I'm legitimately crazy....I have thoughts that scare myself, like I'm not really here. I ramble...case in point...see above.

My life's gotten better recently, before the appointment. I consider the appointment to be some kind of grand cosmic rebalancing, anything good in my or anyone else's life has to be balanced with an equal amount of suffering somewhere else, but usually of the same person. I have a happy home, a lovely wife, a beautiful little girl, food on the table, and no real worries outside of my health. I dunno, I just had to get some of this out to deal better...I'll get back to the land of the squared circle soon.

~Aside: If WWE's ring could be called the squared circle, WTF could TNA's be considered? The Hexagonal Circle? i dunno.....just a thought...nothing more...let it go to the four winds

Monday, April 27, 2009

Congrats WWE

Congrats WWE……now don’t fuck it up. Seriously, you’ve got the titles off of Trips, Swagger and Cena in single PPV, built a decent Post-PPV feud and possibly wrote out the BS rematches.
Cena now has a possibly good feud with Big Show, a feud that gets Cena out of the title picture and hopefully re-invents him as a credible threat, as opposed to a merch-moving uber-champion. Here’s hoping that the booking will elevate them both without giving us Super-Cena or weakening the already strained credibility of Big Show.
Orton as the Champion has possibilities, and as long as Trips is out of action the future of the belt looks decent. Unfortunately the VERY real possibility of all Evolution alumni Main Events has me scared shitless. Here’s hoping that the ‘E decides to “make” a few new main eventers to keep us from the same staleness that engulfed the belt on SD! When it was nothing but Batista/Edge/Undertaker for a year or so.
As far as Christian as the new ECW champion I give an emphatic “MEH!”. After the Lisping Leviathan (Swagger) gets his mandatory rematch, who’s next? As far as the present is concerned the only obvious contenders are Finlay, Dreamer, and Mark Henry. The only other contenders even close would need at least 3-6 months of grooming and legitimate booking to look like a credible threat. Seriously could you imagine Kozlov, Kidd, Burchill or Bourne as #1 contenders right now?
As to what looks like a heel turn for Jeff Hardy, all I can say is “It’s about damn time”. He’s been on the road to heel or at least tweener-dom since he began doing the Cryptic promos, face paint and more hardcore style. I also see him as a decent Lower-Main Event/Title hunt foil for either Edge or C.M. Punk. Hell, a Punk/Hardy Feud practically books itself. Especially if they turn Edge face, Hardy may work well with him outside of a normal face/heel dynamic. Part of me hopes that the eventual end of the Kane/Punk feud has Punk losing the case to Kane. I’m not Anti-Punk, mind you; I just feel that MitB is used a plot device far more often than necessary and it seems out of character for Punk to use it in its intended/most common usage. It seems like they’d book Punk as a fighter and have him climb the ladder as it were by beating practically everyone or at least ‘earning” a shot rather than simply “Cashing in” at the most opportune time.
Also with Jericho beating Steamboat and The Wrestler released on DVD, hopefully he’ll stop this Legend Killer rehash. I’d personally love to see him work with Morrison in some capacity. I’d love to see a feud, but a tag team could work with the proper booking. Honestly Jericho could be put almost anywhere on the card and succeed.
In conclusion I have this to say, I didn’t buy Backlash and did buy WM. I sorely wish that I’d done the opposite.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Howdy-Doo: An introduction and mission statement

Hello all, and by all I mean no one. I am Dr. Sivana, longtime lurker on many message boards and frequent contributor to the Great and Mighty WrestleCrap Forums (Heretofore referred to WCF).

This blog is simply a collection of my own thoughts and musings on many topics, but as the Title suggests, mostly wrestling. These are my opinions, and unless verifiable or empirically proven, should not be considered fact.

The following is a basic rundown of what Is planned, and as always this may change as the situation dictates:

1. WWE Wrestling (No recaps, just thoughts musings and commentary on the product)

2. TNA (Possibly.......)

3. Movies/Books/TV (General stuff, shows I miss, etc)

4. My Health (If all else fails)

And, in the words of Jackie Gleason, Awaaaaaay we go.