Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bad For Business

I personally believe that the following concepts/ideas/people are bad for wrestling business. Some I believe to be self-explanatory.

-The 7 year Rule
-Johnny Ace
-Not Acknowleging the competition
-Kurt Angle (The man's an accident/lawsuit waiting to happen)
-The IWC blaming HHH for the way he's booked
-Stupid Marks (I had a conversation with someone that firmly believed that Mr. Kennedy killed Eddie Guererro)
-Ultimate Warrior
-Owner/Booker Champions
-Killing the Tag division
-Smarks that forgot how to have fun
-Rajah and NEWZ in general
-Pretaping shows
-Filler matches
-Rushed Feuds (WM had ONE blow-off match and it was the best match on the card, I personally believe it was the lack of closure or finality in a WrestleMania that accounted for that "Just another PPV" feel. Instead WWE probably lost buys on Backlash and arguably put on a better show for $10-$15 less per buy)
-Odd cross-promotion to get a wider audience (The View? A widely discredited Autism Charity? WWE needs to realize that some people will never be fans and definately do thier research before jumping whole hog)
-The horrible mismanagement of new talent. (They promote or show vignettes about someone for weeks and then never book them or FE them outright)
-Divas, or rather ex-models that cannot wrestle, and are outright interchangeable.
-A distinct lack of Managers
-MitB (Or rather the way that post-MitB is booked. I understand that its basically so they can have a back-up champion in case of emergencies, but its well.....predictable now.)

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  1. I have to agree with what you are having to say Doc... cause I was there to watch WM at your house and think that we had all been better off if we had waited on Backlash. I don't know who is in charge of WWE's booking department, but I wish that they would get their act straight. And we both know why they have the Divas too... it's because sex sells. As far as Kurt Angle being a lawsuit waiting to happen... well at least he isn't WWE's problem anymore and Jeff Jarret could have told him no way also, but instead TNA has signed him and he is their problem now. Which in my honest opinion, TNA shouldn't even be discussed on any decent wrestle blog or forum... because I feel that it is crap and comes off to much like a soap opera for guys. With that said, I hope that everything is going good with you and will comment as often as I can. Keep up the good work Doc... This is Peanut the Mighty, OUT!!


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